Maryland bail bond

What information will a Maryland Bail Bond Court Commissioner use to set my bail?

When someone is arrested in the State of Maryland, he or she is booked into the local detention facility. In the case of Baltimore City, this is the Central Booking and Intake Facility. After the person who is arrested goes through a sometimes lengthy booking process, he appears before a Court Commissioner so that an initial bail can be set. The Commissioner uses several different pieces of information to set the initial bail, and they are listed below. It is important to keep in mind that while sometimes the charges are the same, the defendant and his or her personal information and background are not, which is the reason why some individuals end up with a bail when a similarly charged defendant is released on his own recognizance or given a much lower bail.

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How Bail Works at Baltimore City’s Central Booking

Years ago, for the purpose of fighting crime, Baltimore City was broken down into districts. In each district was a station house, with holding cells inside. Depending on where a defendant was arrested, he would be taken to the district that serviced that area. Upon being taken in, the defendant would immediately be allowed a telephone call. Afterwards, he would be fingerprinted, photographed, and would wait approximately 8 hours to see the court commissioner.

The commissioner, considering the defendant’s past criminal record, stability as a citizen, and the safety of the general public, would make a decision to either:

A. Set an appropriate bond (the commissioner had broad discretion on the amount)
B. Release the defendant on his/her own recognizance
C. Hold the defendant without bond

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Questions And Answers From A Bail Bondman

Hello once again from me, Valdez, and the entire staff of Fred Frank Bail Bonds!

As we further discuss choosing the bail bondsman that’s right for you, I would like to take a moment to answer some of our most frequently asked questions.  A bondsman you can trust will always give it to you straight–even if it means you may decide against posting bail altogether.  We at Fred Frank Bail Bonds pride ourselves  on trust, respect, integrity, reliability, and fast service.  As a consumer, you should accept nothing less.  Let’s get started!

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Bond Definitions

What is bail?

When you are arrested, you have the right, as an American citizen, to be treated innocent until you are proven guilty in a court of law. When you appear before a judge following your arrest, the judge will give you the chance to get out of jail and enjoy your freedom while you get a lawyer and get ready for your next court appearance.

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